Six signs that show you may need a new website.

Why you need a new website

It’s very common and perfectly understandable to find that many business owners are often a little too close to their products and services and can be fearlessly protective about their brand. 

However, I have often found that this can lead to business owners being blinkered to some problems their marketing may have or missing out on opportunities for improvement, particularly when it comes to the all-important company website.

I have listed below some indicators below that may tell you that the time has come to update your website.

1. You don’t even visit your website.

If you find yourself ignoring your own business website for long periods of time or just using it for email purposes, why would you expect potential customers to visit your pages? This is because deep down you know your website is no longer at the cutting edge and by ignoring it, your website has fallen into the realms of “having one” rather than being a tool to help grow your business.

2. Your information is too confusing.

In this fast-paced world of information overload, it can be very easy to cram your website pages with as much information as possible with the perception of helping your clients. But be honest now, the products and services you use yourself are very often the easiest and quickest right? Now flip that back to your website. Is your site easy to navigate, with a clear intuitive design? Is it simple to get answers to the kind of questions your customers may have? Is your customer journey a good one?

3. Outdated graphics.

Unless you are going for the retro look and feel, old, outdated graphics can really drag a website down, especially if your website is a niche business and clients and competitors are aware of the latest trends in that market. Are you still linking to Google Plus account that closed it’s doors two years ago and you never actually used anyway? Is your site still using the classic image sliders at the top of your homepage? These alone can create havoc when establishing your listing on the 2020 version of the Google search engine.

4. Broken links.

As I have mentioned before, the benefits of linking your website to extra information for your visitors is good practice to enhance the popularity of your website, but equally, broken links and links to inappropriate websites can do more harm than good. On a basic level, links to nowhere can give an impression that your website is out of date or at least, not been checked for some time. This will also negate any positives from search engine ranking. 

5. Old school style.

Design trends change all of the time and whilst it’s not essential to stay up with the very latest of them, your website should a least not appear old fashioned. If your current website has not had any work done to it for about three years or so, it will be out of date. During that time, trends have changed, search algorithms will have altered and the devices that your website can be viewed upon have drastically been added to and each provides different layout options. Did you know that Google now lists websites based on its mobile version only?

6. Competition.

You probably take a look at your competitor’s websites from time to time, or at least, you should be! Have they updated their website? Does their site now look better than yours? Your once marketing leading website is now falling behind and is starting to look a little stale. A fresh new website can invigorate business and gain back your market share.

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