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Website design services

Building your new website.

The first stage of building your new website starts with the choice of your domain name. Ideally your domain will be your business name or something very close to it. This is of course subject to availability. If possible, you need to stick to the

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SEO services in Swindon

Search engine optimisation jargon buster.

!n the good old days, it was fairly easy to secure a decent page ranking on most search engines by simply stuffing a list of keywords in the background of your website (meta keywords) along with a well-aimed description of your services, wait a few

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* principles of good web design

Eight principles of good website design.

The building blocks to a good website. Everyone knows the importance of owning a business website but what are the ingredients for a successful website?Good website design can be divided up into key elements that ensure the best outcome for your user. 1. Clear, simple

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What is the cost of a website in Swindon

What is the cost of a new website?

If you are a startup or small business, the need for a website is obvious but how much should you pay to get your business online? In this blog, I will outline the known costs involved with buying a website design and also highlight some

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Improve your website rankings

Six ways to improve your website ranking.

1. Keyphrase strategy. Establish and learn the words and phrases that achieve higher listings on a website search for your type of business. Look at your competition but most importantly, never copy! Incorporate these phrases into the words on your website in a coherent and meaningful

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Why you need a new website

Six signs that show you may need a new website.

It’s very common and perfectly understandable to find that many business owners are often a little too close to their products and services and can be fearlessly protective about their brand.  However, I have often found that this can lead to business owners being blinkered

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